Brainstorming sessions getting a bit same old, same old?

CREATIVE REBOOT is designed to help your people get the best out of their brainstorming sessions and deliver the ideas that help you stand out in your market sector.  

Let's talk about how I can help you develop a culture conducive to innovative thinking and sustain your organisation's creative output.

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Who am I? I'm a writer who has distilled everything I know about creativity into a series of effective ideation training workshops for folks who need to generate great ideas daily.

What people are saying...

"For a creative agency where ideas are its business, Kathryn’s ideation training workshop was a breath of fresh air. She really understands what makes people tick and everything she brought to our session was absolutely on the money."   Steve Martin - Creative Director -TERABYTE

"In our agency we are charged regularly with finding creative solutions to the way our clients communicate.  Ideas and creativity are central to everything we do, but we realised that to be the best we needed to keep match-fit so we’re always working to the best creative level.  Enter Kathryn Burnett.  Her Creative Thinking workshops were tailored specifically for our needs. We worked with her for six months as she led dynamic workshops and training that encouraged and inspired us to get our brains working in a way that was results focused, and heaps of fun along the way.  

Kathryn is an outstanding facilitator, who challenged us, inspired us and lead us to a new way of thinking; and in a way that we’ve been able to translate into tangible results and ideas for our partners. She also worked with us on live briefs too which meant we could apply the theory and skills she taught us in brainstorming techniques and translate it to ongoing outstanding work for our clients.   As an agency we’ve come away feeling really reinvigorated around our creative process. We’re match fit in brainstorms, and they no longer feel like boot camp!"
Strahan Wallis - Managing Director PORTER NOVELLI NEW ZEALAND

"Kathryn ran a really inspirational session for a bunch of hardened creatives who don't suffer fools. Immensely enjoyable and stimulating for the whole creative team." Anthony Farac - HOD TV3 Promotions Department - MEDIAWORKS

“Kathryn's creative ideation course was a great way to bring a team together, to work cross functionally and provide us with the tools to work better creatively. Thanks again."
Yaseen Abbas - Mobile Portfolio Marketing Manager - SPARK

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My Clients include:

Spark, Porter Novelli, MediaWorks, Spark PHD, ASB, Geyser Creative, Terabyte, Notable Pictures, OnDigital, AIA Insurance, DDB, Mango Communications, Siemens, Auckland Theatre Company, The Gibson Group, The NZ Comedy Trust, University of Waikato Continuing Education, NZ Comedy Trust, NZ Film Commission, Design Assembly, NZ Writers Guild and Christchurch Polytech Institute of Technology.


Why I'm your guy...

I really get the challenge of finding creative solutions under pressure. I've been a professional screenwriter and creative type for over 20 years and have distilled everything I know about ideation and creativity into dynamic workshops that work for any organisation. Grounded in brain science but delivered simply, my workshops show your people how to maximise creative potential and push past the ordinary. 

"Kathryn ran a fantastic training workshop for our annual conference. It was stimulating, enjoyable and the brainstorming process helped us to look at our sales techniques & how we approached different situations in different ways. Participants agreed she was one of the best speakers we have had at any of our conferences."  Deborah Stewart – NZ Territory Manager, Biomet 3i

“Kathryn Burnett's creative brainstorming session for the Auckland Theatre Company staff was a riot of ideas and exchanges. She delivered a fun, highly interactive session that got staff members talking, laughing and thinking outside the square. Kathryn’s manner was warm, encouraging and professional. She kept us on task and didn’t let the energy dip for a second. We would certainly consider booking further sessions with her in the future.”  Lynne Cardy – Creative Development & Education Manager, Auckland Theatre Company


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My clients include:

ASB, Spark PHD,  MediaWorks, Spark, Biomet3i, Ondigital, Fluxx, Geyser Creative, AIA Insurance, Terabyte, Siemens, Mango Publicity, DDB, NZ Film Commission, Design Assembly, Auckland Theatre Company, NZ Comedy Trust, NZ Broadcasting School,  NZ Writers Guild, The Gibson Group, Nga Aho Whaakari and Christchurch Polytech Institute of Technology.

My Philosophy

Human beings are naturally creative – we all have new ideas all the time. But we're more likely to have truly innovative ideas when we learn to get out of the way of our creative process. Fear, stress, performance anxiety, self doubt and deadlines inhibit creativity and convince people to stick with doing things the way they've always done them. This is the opposite of new and innovative. Given that our brain is wired to get better at what it does most often – we can stimulate more innovative thinking by making it a habit and by creating an environment that is conducive to it.  One thing I've discovered working as a writer is that the more good ideas I have, the more good ideas I have.  

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Speaking topics: Good is The Enemy of Great, The Fear of Being Wrong. 


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