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Creative inspiration, Ideation, Creativity, Brainstorming

Creative inspiration, Ideation, Creativity, Brainstorming

Want to Hook Your Reader Immediately?

 There’s something so thrilling and delicious about reading a really hooky first sentence or engaging first pages in a book - you just know you're about to be taken on a great ride.

Is there a writer on the planet who doesn’t want their first pages to thrill, delight and intrigue?

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Resolutions Suck - Set Up Awesome Writing Goals Instead

 New Year’s resolutions? You can keep 'em. They don’t cut it for me – and I bet they've been less than successful for you in the past.

So how about you and I sit down and set your firm 2018 writing goal?

I’m sure you’d much rather sit down with a plate of BBQ and a gin (dreamy!) but pretend I’m in the room fixing you with a “let’s get cracking look.” (If you've ever attended my live workshops that shouldn't be too difficult.)

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The Tyranny of One Day Thinking

I’ve been trying to finish the next draft of a play and it’s been problematic. Not because it is so difficult that I can’t do it or even that I don’t want to finish it – it’s because I seem to think I have all the time in the world. I’ve always understood that my time on the planet is limited but bizarrely it hasn’t stopped me putting off my writing by making other things a priority. Until recently that is - when that false sense of eternity got well and truly smashed. I received upsetting news about a friend, quickly followed by a sad email about a work colleague and then even more crappy news about another friend. (Seriously, 2016 come on!) This sad cluster of news was a timely reminder that we don’t live forever. Our bodies and minds have a habit of breaking. I knew that and yet somehow I kinda forget. This is what’s so wrong with “one-day” thinking. There’s no guarantee that “one day“ will actually come. I think there's a tyranny to "one day" thinking - especially for writers and aspiring writers. ... Read the rest of entry »

Why Hitting The Beach Should Be Top of Your 2016 To-Do List

 Already making plans for 2016? Me too.

No matter how often I remind myself I’m on holiday the old grey matter keeps circling back to the tasks that lie ahead. Our lives are now so frantic and achievement focused I don’t think I’m alone in finding it difficult to truly “turn off” during our precious holidays.

Annoying? Hell, yes. Productive? Not really.

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Loving Your Ho-hum Ideas

 Everybody has crappy ideas. You’re allowed to have them too. The world probably isn’t going to fall off its axis because your idea is a little bit average.

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3 Simple Ways to Push Yourself Creatively

So given you’re already in the business of being creative you could be forgiven for wondering why this subject is even relevant. Surely, you’re pushing yourself by doing it to the best of your ability. Fair cop good people - except amazing ideas and projects rarely fall out of your head fully formed. And human beings whilst innovative and clever are also rather fond of “easiest” and “familiar.”

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  1. Re: The Most Effective Antidote for Productive Writing Ever?

    Thanks Fiona! Much appreciated. KB

    --Kathryn Burnett

  2. Re: The Most Effective Antidote for Productive Writing Ever?

    I've been writing for the whole of my children's lives. First my BA, then Masters, now Phd, and also...


  3. Re: Can't Find Time to Write? Get Carving

    Of course you have to be focussed to write and having an end goal is a great help - Playa Flamenca

    --Playa FLamenca

  4. Re: Why Hitting The Beach Should Be Top of Your 2016 To-Do List

    I agree Kathryn. Goal setting is so important.


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