All writers yearns to be that motivated, disciplined writer who regularly gets their work into the world.  The type of writer who laughs in the face of procrastination and always seems to be so insanely productive. 

The not-very-secret secret to becoming that really productive writer is to turn up regularly and do the work.  My Writing Room Group is all about enabling you to do just that... 

Because there are sooo many distractions, right?

So how would it be if this year we stop letting everything + everybody get in the way of our writing dream and start writing more often? 

The Writing Room is a subscription-based group for folks who want to get serious about their writing.  It creates the space and incentive to write more often and keep your projects moving forward. (Check it out B4 you join?)

I created this space because I know what works for me - deadlines + carving out focused writing time on a regular basis.  It's that simple - and it doesn't hurt to have some supportive company along the way. 

Find out if this group is right for you - Tell me something about you...

Just want to check it out first?  Next live drop in session Tues March 6 2018

The Writing Room Group is so right for you if ...

  • You're already writing but want the motivation to write more often.

  • You love the idea of regular writing appointments and deadlines to move your project forward.

  • You're sick of going it alone and need an ally who keeps you accountable.

  • You want to belong to an inspiring community of writers like you.

  • You want to maintain writing momentum AFTER writing workshops or classes.

  • You want to develop a productive writing habit - AND smash writer's block.

  • You want regular writing prompts to keep you creatively nimble. 

Sorry! This group isn't quite right for you if...

  • You're looking for "how to" Writing Classes.

  • You want to write but you're not sure exactly what you want to write yet.

  • You don't have a minimum of 1-2 hours free per week to commit to the writing sessions.

Next Write-In: Tues 6th March 2018 (AK)

 What does my Writing Room membership include?

* Live monthly Write-In Session at Studio One, Ponsonby Rd  (1st Tues of every month.)  

* Access to 2 x online Write-Ins via our private Facebook page (2nd & 3rd Tues of every month.)

* Monthly Share & Feedback meeting (last Sunday of every month.)

* A new creative writing challenge delivered to your inbox every week.

*Access to our private Facebook group (A place to check-in, share, stay focused and be inspired.)

*$150 discount off a 90 min Story Consultation Session with me.

How does The Writing Room work?

It's simple.  

Once you've subscribed you'll receive a timetable for the write-ins and an invitation to join our private Facebook page. You also receive a weekly email from me with a fun, motivating writing challenge and a reminder about the next upcoming Write-In.

You join us at the facilitated Write-Ins and you write!  You regularly check in with everybody via our Facebook group - and that's it.   But the most important part is that you've now got a focused writing schedule and you're part of a group that is serious about achieving their writing goals.

And you can unsubscribe at any time.

Learn more and subscribe: 

Is The Writing Room for all types of writers?

Yes!  It doesn't matter what type of project you are working on or whether you're a pro or a newer writer. There's no obligation to share anything with anybody.  What you use The Writing Room for is entirely up to you.

Where does it happen?

Live in Auckland and Online. You can live anywhere and take part as the Write-Ins are recorded on our Facebook page - and everything else is delivered via email or our Facebook page.

It'd be great to have you at the Write-Ins in real time but you do not need to engage at a certain time of the day if that doesn't suit.

The Write-Ins are recorded and posted on our Facebook page to use when it suits you. This is great if you can't make it.

NB: Want to take advantage of my discounted 90 min Story Consultation but live in a different city/town?  Don't worry; we can do that via Skype or Zoom.

What do I need to join The Writing Room?

A project or a writing goal, something to write on (laptop/pad & pen) good internet connection and a Facebook account.

Want to talk about whether this group is right for you? Drop me a line 

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