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“Kathryn's scriptwriting workshop was brilliant. I loved learning from her and would sit at the front of the class, furiously jotting down notes like a nerd. Kathryn has a natural ability to connect with an audience. She teaches with patience and humour and she provides cake for morning tea! ” Jaquie Brown – Presenter/ Actor/Screenwriter

“Loved it! Kathryn gets straight to the point and gives clear, practical advice about screenwriting. She demystifies the process.” Rebecca Barry Hill – Journalist/Screenwriter

“This is a great workshop for learning the basics. Kathryn includes the perfect mix of technical information and theory, along with a big dose of fun. As a professional writer this has given me invaluable tools.” Stacey Muncie (USA)

“Kathryn Burnett's workshop was the perfect introduction to screenwriting - an absorbing, entertaining and provocative session which made the intricacies of the art seem logical and accessible. I left the course energised and informed, and ready to write.” Duncan Greive – Journalist/Critic

“Excellent workshop. "Informative and friendly approach to scriptwriting.” Craig Watson – Production Editor

“Very constructive workshop that has given me the building blocks and more importantly the confidence to put pen to paper. Thank you.” Mary Wall – Producer

“Kathryn Burnett is the bombdiggity. She brings amazing experience, intelligence, and passion to her teaching. She has a comprehensive understanding of movies, cinema history, and storytelling technique, and is effective and engaging when sharing that knowledge with her students. Kathryn is to storytelling tutors as Carlos the Jackal is to international assassins. I can't recommend her highly enough.” Steve Barr – screenwriter, producer, and development executive

"Thanks for a great weekend of learning and for sharing your knowledge. Feeling inspired!" Tamara Azizan (Production)

“Brilliant, informative workshop.Well presented and very motivating - thank you!” Ann Neville – Writer

‘ Really enjoyed this screenwriting workshop. Learnt a lot with Kathryn being very knowledgable on this subject.” Kathryn Hearsum – IT Desk Support

"Had a great couple of days. As a director it's always good to keep learning. Really helpful and insightful." Simon Pattison

“Kathryn is super smart and lots of fun. She covers so much in two days – it really is a great workshop.” Hannah Banks - Actor/Screenwriter

“Fantastic array of information. It's so helpful to get to look "under the bonnet" of a film and see all the moving parts. This will save hours of time in avoiding the pitfalls.” Cindy Mullins – Publishing Agent

“Kathryn's weekend workshop was exactly what I needed to give momentum back to my script. Her methods give focus and direction to your creative ideas - by taking it back to the core of your story and your characters. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to develop their potential as both a writer and a creative.” Matthew Walker – Actor/Writer

“I highly recommend Kathryn's screenwriting course. Infused with some great practical exercises from her brainstorming workshops. The course helped me come up with my own ideas then apply them to a framework for developing them into a screenplay. Kathryn has a real passion and talent for sharing what she has learned, I found her course very inspiring.”
Richard Mans – Animator/Filmmaker

“Kathryn is a wonderful screenwriting tutor, who both inspires and pushes writers beyond the mediocre. Her teaching is very clear and practical, so I find myself applying it to my writing even as she speaks. Kathryn has a rare skill of making the theory work for you - so instead of feeling restricted by the rules, lost in the world of analysis or just entertained, you feel like actually writing.” Enni Tuomisalo – filmmaker/actor

“Kathryn Burnett’s “Beginners Guide to Screen-writing Workshop” was a fascinating and valuable learning experience for participants of the intensive two-day course recently held on the University of Waikato’s Tauranga campus; her vast knowledge of the screen industry, along with its requirements of the screenwriter, were effortlessly conveyed by her clear/dynamic tutoring style. Participants not only valued the generous manner in which Kathryn shared her knowledge, but they also felt encouraged to participate in the discussion times that were an integral part of the workshop. As an adult community education coordinator of many years, I would rate Kathryn Burnett as one of the most dynamic tutors I have ever seen. The evaluation forms from participants were full of praise for both the tutor and the relevance of her material; many told me personally that it was the best writing course that they had ever attended.” Nyree Sherlock – Adult Community Education Advisor, CCE, University of Waikato at Tauranga

“I encourage writers of all abilities to take Kathryn's re-writing courses. I was in the middle of a rewrite and bogged down in the mechanics of the script. Kathryn's exercises helped free up my mind and solve some key problems in my screenplay - I no longer believe in writer's block. Kathryn is also a working writer so she knows the many issues facing the writer. And her course was a hell of a lot of fun.” Michael Beran – Director/Writer

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