Writing Workshop Testimonials

What People Are Saying About My Writing Workshops…

“The June workshop was a thoroughly enjoyable two days with Kathryn. Learnt new things and was reminded of others – than you!” Emma Newborn – Actor

“Kathryn has a skill too many story consultants and teachers lack – the ability to listen attentively. This allows her to tune in to what the writer is doing and then offer finely tuned and individualized advice rather than generic formulas. In return she expects the writer to do some work on their ideas, not just sit back and wait to be told something. This is an approach that produces results.” Daniel Fleming – Professor of Screen & Media Studies, University of Waikato

“I wrote a story that was directly inspired by one of Kathryn’s creativity exercises during her workshop. The story went on to win a NZ Society of Authors competition and I have just heard that it has been accepted for publication in Landfall! A real breakthrough for me.” Bronwyn Calder – Writer

“A great brainstorming session to sort out the ideas in your head. Thanks for starting my engine!” Jane Asbury

“I found Kathryn’s teaching rich and engaging. For a novice like myself it was very encouraging and I gained a wealth of insights and sense.” Frances Young – Psychologist and Educator

“A fascinating insight into the creative process.” Jenny Haworth – Author/Publisher

“What I may have understood intellectually about brainstorming became something that now has real value.” Helen Mongillo – Writer

“Kept me writing notes and solving problems in my writing projects all day. Fascinating and very helpful!” Amy Paulussen – Writer

“Loved Kathryn’s relaxed and yet professional teaching style – great sense of humour and ability to communicated ideas clearly and concisely.” Katherine Smith – Data Entry Operator

“A day’s worth of inspiration! I really enjoyed the mix of exercises and lecture.” Nadine Kats – Web Writer and SEO

“ A great shot in the arm injection of creative juice! Thanks Kathryn for your warm and down to earth delivery. Really loved it!” Melissa Parsons – Teacher, Researcher, Author.

“ Thanks Kathryn – this is the third course of yours I’ve attended and it reinforced earlier learning with great clarity.” Jacqui Wood – Copywriter, Writer

“This workshop has inspired me to flesh out some ideas – a really great start for me!” Anke Richter – Journalist and Non-Fiction Author

“ I solved a problem that’s been plaguing me for months today! Thank you.” Zoe Meager – Author

“Just finished my first novel and I continued to use some of the stimulating techniques you taught me whenever I felt blocked or bored. I don’t think I would have even attempted to write a book, without the help I received via your classes.” Jane Kline – New Novelist

“As a copywriter and blogger I write for money everyday, but this Kickstart workshop was 100% worth the time to advance my personal project. Kathryn is professional, respectful and precise. She gave me a sterling process to build my plot, and l was able to go home and churn out some work that I truly rate. Great writers don’t always make great teachers but this one’s got the goods.” Emma Harrison-Clark – Copywriter

“Wow, when I won your fine Creative Writing workshop through NZWG I was really pleased, but had no idea it would be so incredibly helpful, have been singing your praises on Facebook.” Raewyn Alexander – Poet, Novelist, Publisher

“Be warned! This creative writing course is not just about sitting listening to talks and tips on writing which you can find in good books. You have to write! It’s like being dropped in at the deep end. You learn to swim! There is however a benevolent life saver keeping watch and ready to rescue you if you feel you are getting out of your depth and you can climb into the life boat for some one -to-one help, which is both life saving and inspirational, when you need it. I didn’t want to just learn ‘about writing’, I wanted to learn ‘to write’ and was well satisfied.” Ray Prowse – (Former) AUT Lecturer, Academic Literacies

“Ideas Clinic. My head is bulging with the possibilities and now I have great motivation to make the time to write. It was very liberating, after I got over the whole world-is-ending sense of doom, to have to share my ideas with real people. The immediate feedback from the group was rewarding and not at all scary, as I had imagined.” Therese Oliver – Aspiring Novelist

“I strongly recommend anyone interested in creative or screenplay writing to do one of Kathryn’s courses. She has an elegant way of demystifying the creative writing process, while maintaining the magic. Importantly at the end of the course you’ll come away with a tangible plan of attack to put in place at once and the desire to go with it.” Helena Ashcroft – Publicist Blue Fox PR

“Because I am self-employed it is hard setting aside time to just be lateral and spontaneous when it comes to the creative process. What I love about these Brainstorm sessions is I get to play in my own head. There is enough structure to challenge and prompt me, but enough freedom to allow me to go off in a completely different direction if I want. The sessions have given me some fantastic new ideas and helped me take existing ones in new and exciting directions. It is perhaps the one part of my week where I can just be purely creative without questioning or ‘reasoning’ my way through the process, and I am not going to be distracted by phone calls or other demands. Kathryn is the perfect drill instructor – inspiring, funny, creative and challenging.” Andrew Whiteside – Television Presenter/ Director/ Writer

“Kathryn’s Brainstorm workshops give me the permission to go crazy with my ideas when I’m thinking about a character or storyline, and once the frenzy has settled I discover I have some real gems to work with. A great way to reinvigorate an old idea, or just keep the creative juices limbered up.” Cushla Dillion – Editor, Screenwriter