Screenplay Assessment

You’ve finished your screenplay – nice work! 

Now get some objective feedback and make sure it’s ready to send…

My job as an assessor is to give you super constructive feedback that helps you improve your screenplay and ensure it’s market ready BEFORE you send it.  I can tell you what’s working, what’s not – and identify the areas you need to focus on in your next draft.  PLUS I can deliver your feedback in a detailed report or in person – whichever works best for you.

Not ready to share your script but want to know you’re on the right track?  Book a private 90 Minute Creative Consultation Session –  let’s talk and see if a session is right for you.

You’ll find FAQ and testimonials below and if you have questions – please get in touch

One Pager & Logline: $195.00 + gst

A short pitch document is often your first step in getting folks interested in your script.  I’ll check your concept is humming, the read is engaging and that you’ve nailed the fundamental story elements BEFORE you send it out. New project? There’s no faster or effective way to check your premise is solid.

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Feature Screenplay Assessment – Fee: $795.00 + gst

My comprehensive assessment provides 5-7 pages of written notes will identify your screenplay’s strengths and weaknesses.  It covers in detail characters, structure, story, dialogue and determines whether your screenplay delivers on the promise of the concept + genre.  And best of all – it indicates areas that need attention BEFORE you take it to market. My assessment fee includes an optional discussion via email to ask any questions about the assessment. (NB: Stated fee for screenplays up to 110 pages.)

Script Read + live feedback session: $595.00 + gst

“I worked with Kathryn recently and found her script diagnosis extremely useful, practical, and targeted toward the preparation of the next draft, which was exactly what I had asked for. Because she is also a writer, she is solutions-driven – a total pro.” Anthony McCarten – Award-winning Screenwriter (The Theory of Everything,  Darkest Hour, Via Satellite, Show of Hands) 

“Long story short, I couldn’t find a script editor that understood comedy. Until I found Kathryn! She instantly got what I was going for. Her notes were concise, clear and she helped me make the story better, and funnier! The script has gone on to win a major award in America and be read by some of the biggest comedy producers in Hollywood. Thank you Kathryn!” Allan George – Screenwriter

“Kathryn’s assessments are considered, detailed and get to the heart of the matter. Most importantly they support the development of the script and writer. If you are seeking clear and precise insight that will absolutely advance your script, look no further.” James Ashcroft – Producer

“What do I look for in a story advisor? I look for someone who instinctively understands the strengths and weakness of the work in front of them. Someone who works with you rather than against you. Someone who will bring out not just the best in the work but the best in you as a writer. This is why I pick up the phone and call Kathryn. She is my weapon of choice.” Nick Ward – Screenwriter (Fresh Eggs, Outrageous Fortune, Stickmen, Secondhand Wedding, Love Birds) 

“Kathryn understood the type of film we trying to make, and her great feedback focused not on trying to change the script, but on refining and improving it to better meet the audience’s expectations of this type of genre film.”  Paul Campion – Writer/Director (Devil’s Rock, Eel Girl, The Naughty List)

“Some great things about your assessment: professional, insightful, and in depth. You provide the kind of feedback that is not only going to help my rewrite, but help me grow and learn from. Thank you.” David Bath – Osaka, Japan

Feature Assessment & Feedback Session – Fee: $945.00 + gst

A package deal.  My comprehensive 5-7 page assessment as above PLUS after you’ve had time to digest my assessment we’ll have a one on one 90-minute feedback session in person or via Skype to discuss the assessment, ask any further questions and plan your next steps.

“Working one-on-one with Kathryn has been nothing short of empowering, guiding me with honesty and practical support to get around tight corners. She’s reassuring, a great sounding board, and offers a fresh outlook on the craft.” Jamie Lawrence – Screenwriter/Director (Cub)

Short Film Script Assessment – Fee: $345.00 + gst

A strong screenplay and central concept is vital for a successful short film.  My written assessment identifies your project’s strengths and weaknesses. It will assess characters, structure, story, dialogue and whether your screenplay delivers on the promise of the concept + genre. (NB: Stated fee for screenplays up to 16 pages only.)

Kathryn took my 24 page script for “Cradle” and helped me see how to pare it back from a bloated space opera to a nimble tie fighter. Did I fight it all the way? Yes. Was it better? Abso-freaking-lutely! The film went into production last year.”  Hugh Calveley – Writer (Cradle)

“Kathryn quickly got to the heart of my script. She is a constructive problem solver and offered practical solutions to assist me where I was stuck. Her feedback is honest and provocative – I came out invigorated and with fresh eyes and a new perspective on my work.” Claire van Beek – Screenwriter & director

“Kathryn knows all the tricks and traps of writing short films, particularly in how the storytelling must be different than in feature films. She has a keen eye for using the grammar of cinema to its best effect, and her feedback is insightful and direct without being condescending or confrontational. I highly recommend her.” Steve Barr – Screenwriter/Producer/Executive Producer Blue Harvest Shorts (Premiere Shorts)

I’m excited to report that my script has been named winner for Best Short Script at Hollywood Horrorfest and Best Unproduced Script at the St Tropez International Film Festival. Thank you so much for your script consultations. It has been instrumental in developing the script.” Juliet Bergh, (Hannah’s Party)

TV Scripts and Treatments

These puppies can be so enormously varied best you get in touch and contact me for a quote.

Read my FAQ below or drop me a line

“My recent script consultation with Kathryn was quite simply the best thing that ever happened to my screenplay. By the end of our consultation, I felt I had a script I could confidently pitch to producers.  Kathryn was a pleasure to work with. She made the process totally enjoyable and constructive in every way. I hope to work with her again and would recommend her anytime.” Jade Valour – Screenwriter/Novelist

“Kathryn’s analysis of my screenplay was right on the money. She helped me to identify key problems and offered workable solutions. As a professional screenwriter, she has a deep understanding of structure and how to create memorable characters that leap off the page. She definitely brought a level of talent to my project that exceeded all expectations. Thank you Kathryn!” Ellory Elkayem – Director (Eight- Legged Freaks, Return of The Living Dead – Necropolis, Without A Paddle)

“I have worked with Kathryn on various projects – and having utilised her script assessing and script consulting skills, I have found Kathryn to be astute assessor, and diligent and hard-working, very quickly identifying weaknesses in a script and posing solutions. As a Script Consultant she is insightful and methodical and a great team player – working well with writers and producers on the team.  I would not hesitate to work with Kathryn again.” Karl Zohrab – Producer

“Kathryn recognised strengths in my script that others didn’t and identified weaknesses that I couldn’t. She helped me see how much better my work could be and inspired me to bring that out. She has a fine intuition for story structure and character arcs. Her in-depth feedback is always constructive and helps you set a path that takes your script to the next level. She’s a pleasure to work with and a great collaborator.” Mark Prebble – Screenwriter/Director 

“I found Kathryn’s script assessments for “Dean Spanley” to be very insightful, succinct and thoughtful. They were on par with any international assessments I’ve commissioned and I have no doubt I will be using her again in the future.” Matthew Metcalf – Producer (Dean Spanley. The Ferryman, Love Birds)

“Kathryn is my go-to person for script consulting and screenplay assessment. She’s worked on four of my feature film projects and has made a significant contribution to all – in part because writers love working with her and enjoy the way she conducts the script consultation sessions.” Maile Daugherty – Producer (Rest For The Wicked, Be Careful, Eeling)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How much does a screenplay assessment cost?
A: The fee for a standard length Feature Film Screenplay (up to max. 110 pages) is between NZ$595.00 + GST – $795.00 + GST

Q: How long will it take for me to get my assessment?
A: Depending on my workload I deliver within 2-4 weeks. I operate on a first come first served basis – and I will give you an accurate delivery time when we book your assessment.

Q: Do you assess short film and TV scripts?  A: Yes I sure do.

Q: Do you assess treatments, outlines and TV proposal documents?  A: Yes

Q: Can I contact you with questions about my completed assessment?
A: Yes, as part of the fee you can email me with any questions you have.

Q: Do I need to worry about confidentiality?
A: Absolutely not. I will never discuss your work with anyone except you!  And if I did want to mention to a producer that your great project exists I’d get your permission first.

Q: Will you co-write or help me with ideas and story fixes?
A: Nope. I’m not a co-writer  – my job is to give your objective feedback about what needs improvement so you can move your script to the next level.

Q: Do you assess books or poetry or non-fiction?
A: I would love to but unfortunately books, poetry and non-fiction really aren’t my forte.  However I do assess short film screenplays, television proposals/scripts and play scripts.  And I can recommend other assessors to you.

Q: Do you use other assessors or do you read everything yourself?
A: As a rule I don’t employ other readers but if my workload is OTT I may use one of a handful of people who I use for my own work (and who I know will do a brilliant job) – but only if you agree to it first!

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