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This popular two-day screenwriting workshop is designed to demystify the nuts and bolts and help you avoid those newbie mistakes. NB: Next Workshop – 28 & 29th March 2020 – Registration opens December



Struggling to find time to write?
Regain control of your writing time and get productive! One day workshop with co-presenter Business Mentor Fiona Hall. Sat October 19th.
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“Loved it!  Kathryn gets straight to the point and gives clear, practical advice about screenwriting. She demystifies the process.” Rebecca Barry Hill – Journalist/Screenwriter

“Kathryn’s course is a must for any newbie. It’s a fast, furious and funny two days – I can’t wait to get started on my first feature.”  Eryn Wilson – Actor/Writer/Director

“Fantastic array of information. It’s so helpful to get to look “under the bonnet” of a film and see all the moving parts. This will save hours of time in avoiding the pitfalls.” Cindy Mullins – Publishing Agent

“I feel like I learnt years of knowledge in two days. It was incredible so stop reading this and go sign up!” Francesca Wen Xiu Logan – Aspiring Screenwriter


“Having attended two of Kathryn’s workshops now, they have provided me with a great understanding of screenplay structure, and tools to work through issues when I get stuck, which has been very helpful, not only for my own writing, but also assessing scripts that I am given to read which I may get to shoot .” – Kirk Pflaum, Director of Photography

“Kathryn Burnett is the bomb-diggity. She brings amazing experience, intelligence, and passion to her teaching. She has a comprehensive understanding of movies, cinema history, and storytelling technique, and is effective and engaging when sharing that knowledge with her students. Kathryn is to storytelling tutors as Carlos the Jackal is to international assassins. I can’t recommend her highly enough.” Steve Barr – screenwriter, producer, and development executive

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“This is a great workshop for learning the basics. Kathryn includes the perfect mix of technical information and theory, along with a big dose of fun. As a professional writer this has given me invaluable tools.” Stacey Muncie – Writer (USA)

“A thoroughly wonderful workshop of focused brainstorming and structured process.” Anne Lohrentz – Artist/Designer

“I wrote a story that was directly inspired by one of Kathryn’s creativity exercises during her workshop. The story went on to win a NZ Society of Authors competition and I have just heard that it has been accepted for publication in Landfall! A real breakthrough for me.” Bronwyn Calder – Writer


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KATHRYN BURNETT is an award-winning screenwriter and columnist, script consultant and writing tutor. She is also a published author and fledgling playwright.  She has been teaching screenwriting and creative writing for nine years – and her workshops have featured in the Auckland Writers & Readers Festival for the last five years. Get in touch here: