Why Hitting The Beach Should Be Top of Your 2016 To-Do List

Already making plans for 2016?  Me too.

No matter how often I remind myself I’m on holiday the ol’ grey matter keeps circling back to tasks that lie ahead. Our lives are now so frantic and achievement focused I doubt I’m alone in finding it difficult to truly “turn off” during the holidays.

Annoying? Hell, yes.  Productive? Not really.

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Loving Your Ho-hum Ideas



Do I actually love my ho-hum ideas? 

Not really but I’m learning to embrace them as the creative opportunity that they are.

I know no one likes looking stupid (particularly in front of peers) but the fear that your idea might not be “good enough” keeps you quiet and second guessing rather than letting that idea grow.  And if you’re staying schtum, well, it’s lovely to keep your idea tucked away but not exactly productive.

You’ll notice this fear in play when you’re suddenly nervous about telling others your idea or when you decide to just keep it to yourself FOREVER.

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3 Simple Ways to Push Yourself Creatively

So given you’re already in the business of being creative you could be forgiven for wondering why this subject is even relevant. Surely, you’re pushing yourself just by doing it to the best of your ability.

Fair cop good people – except amazing ideas and projects rarely fall out of your head fully formed.  Plus human beings whilst innovative and clever are also rather fond of “easiest” and “familiar.” Doing a pretty good job requires a lot less brain sweat than doing a freaking amazing one. And let’s be really honest, doing a pretty good job is often enough to get by on.

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