How to Fight “The Doubts”

Last month I received an email from a screenwriter client who, after receiving a “thanks but no thanks” letter, wanted to know what I tell myself to fight off the doubts that I’m not good enough. – and stay focused on finishing my story…

It was such a great question and it really started me thinking – what exactly DO I tell myself to fight off the doubts and keep going?

Self-doubt affects just about every writer I know and I’m certainly no stranger to it. Being a writer means endlessly seeking validation and approval from the outside world. And sometimes we just don’t get it. Cue the doubts aka the dark vortex of doubt aka the creeping fingers of dread aka the paralysing, grey corset of doom.

So what do I tell myself to get the crazy under control?

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The Tyranny of One Day Thinking

I’ve been trying to finish the next draft of a play and it’s been problematic. Not because it is so difficult that I can’t do it or even that I don’t want to finish it – it’s because I seem to think I have all the time in the world.

I’ve always understood that my time on the planet is limited but bizarrely it hasn’t stopped me putting off my writing by making other things a priority. Until recently that is – when that false sense of eternity got well and truly smashed.

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9 Ways to Improve Your Story’s Chance of Winning

It’s lovely to win writing competitions and god knows there are hundreds of them out there.

So how about making 2017 the year you improve your chances of winning a competition? (Or that scholarship, residency, award.)

Sometimes winning these comps can be lucrative but I think the real prize has more to do with visibility and public acknowledgement of your genius ability. Yes?

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