9 Ways to Improve Your Story’s Chance of Winning

It’s lovely to win writing competitions and god knows there are hundreds of them out there.

So how about making 2017 the year you improve your chances of winning a competition? (Or that scholarship, residency, award.)

Sometimes winning these comps can be lucrative but I think the real prize has more to do with visibility and public acknowledgement of your genius ability. Yes?

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The Benefits of Bouncing

Given what I do, it’s no surprise that I take more than a passing interest in the avalanche of writerly advice available online. And nestled in amongst all the apps, infographics, gimmicky utensils and blogs there’s occasionally some really useful advice.

But there’s something I hardly ever see – and that’s articles extolling the virtues of talking through your ideas with a buddy.
I understand why some people rear back in horror at the thought of sharing their ideas or exposing half formed pieces. But as you know from my musings on Writing Groups, I’m a big fan of seeking constructive feedback from a like-minded chum. It’s a no-brainer to have your completed work objectively assessed, edited and critiqued before you publish or send out into the world – but what about while you’re stuck in the thick of it?

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