The Most Effective Antidote for Productive Writing Ever?

You know, there are many things that can get in the way of committing serious time to writing – procrastination, the need to earn money, TV box-sets and good old-fashioned crippling self-doubt. But I recently learnt that one of the most common impediments to writing regularly is children.

I discovered this when a subscriber to my newsletter emailed me to say – please write an article about writing with children in the house. To be honest it’s not something I’ve given much thought to as I’m sans nipper.

But I was suitably moved by the heartfelt plea and figured the many writerly parents I know may have some insightful solutions – but no…

There was an immediate flood of responses – I’d clearly stumbled onto a hot topic – but it was the type of feedback that left me wondering if people don’t so much come to my workshops for the great learning but to indulge in socially acceptable child avoidance.

This is what they generally had to say: It’s impossible to write with children in the house. UNLESS you take at least one of the following actions…

  • Schedule a regular writing time so it coincides with the availability of a co-parent or grandparent who can take them out.
  • Write when they’re in bed. (This was a super popular option.)
  • Get a babysitter and go to a library (or elsewhere) to work.
  • Establish your writing nook somewhere outside of the home – and schedule a regular visit.
  • Invest in a library of children’s DVDs – preferably whole TV series.
  • Invest in a lockable wardrobe and tell them it’s Narnia. (Truly, I’m not endorsing this one.)

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Best of luck parents! And if you have some great solutions do share!

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