10 Excellent Reasons To Join A Writers Group

I’m frequently asked by writers how they can keep themselves motivated and keep their project moving forward. This is a challenge I’m very familiar with so I duly offer up a bunch of tips and techniques I’ve developed over the years, and the one that really works for me consistently is – be accountable to somebody.

There’s nothing like somebody waiting for you to deliver to give you a case of the giddy-ups.

And how would it be if it wasn’t just one person waiting for you to deliver but a whole bunch?

Ladies and gentlemen – I give you – the writers group.

Unless you’re someone who really prefers working alone and don’t much care for the opinion of others (and by the way kudos!) here’s 10 reasons why you should consider getting yourself into a writing group or setting up your own.

1) You now have a regular deadline to work to.

2) When you deliver, there’s a reward – free feedback – which is invaluable!

3) You’ll also have to give feedback so you will hone your analytical skills.

4) You’re in a gang that really gets your anxieties – and your writing goal.

5) You get input. New perspectives will help you see your work more clearly.

6) You get input. New ideas will stoke your creative furnace – even if they’re not “right” for your project.

7) You develop a healthy, resilience to criticism. The more you show your work the easier it gets.

8) You get to test the work in private before taking it out to the world.

9) You’ll discover other writing opportunities, tips and techniques.

10) Nothing boosts confidence like people taking your work seriously enough to talk about it.

11) You’re in a gang!

(Want some valuable insights and tips on on how to set up your own Writers Group? Check out my short online workshop.)

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